Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook

Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook

Long ago and far away…Total Health Fx has its roots in the health resort programs at Murrieta Hot Springs, located in California. Kathi and Joe Fox were officially students of this organization and went on to become staff members for about a decade in the 70’s and ’80’s. In fact, Kathi was in Murrieta Hot Springs Kitchen management and production for several years. Although written in 1987, a batch of these lovely and scrumptious books have recently been un-covered are available today. They are the only new copies in circulation today.

Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook was based on various therapeutic dietary plans, all of which are quite delicious and gourmet. Murrieta Hot Springs Resort was well-known for its natural, wholistic, and alternative health programs.   You’ll find hundreds of tasty recipes that you will enjoy and share!

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