Pain Epidemic Solved by Therapeutic Massage

Pain Epidemic Solved by Therapeutic Massage

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The pain epidemic has a viable non-toxic, non-invasive solution by way of therapeutic massage.  Many people are affected by pain to the point of becoming epidemic and seek relief of pain largely from medications which may compromise one’s safety.

The following re-printed article, validated by the Massage Therapy Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention, explains what massage therapists and massage lovers have always known, that therapeutic massage is effective relief of pain for many conditions. Because of the safety of massage therapy, one would consider therapeutic massage the first choice for their relief of pain.

Some people like to use this CBD oil for sale here before they take a massage to help them relax their muscles and their mind. Also, helps them reduce their social anxiety if it’s their first time. Patients like it because it’s completely natural and works pretty well. Total Health Massage Therapy is pleased to bring you the following article:

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