TeraGanix Ordering Instructions

Healthy Microbes for a Vibrant Healthy Life

Healthy Garden Soil & Easy Composting

 Why is it healthy to have a natural population of microbes?

  • Healthy Microbes help in the decomposition of food and septic wastes
  • TeraGanix manufactures  live probiotic supplements, NON-GMO cocktail of dozens of microorganisms used to build healthy garden soil,  septic waste digester,  and create indoor/outdoor compost to create healthy garden soil & plants. Effective microorganisms  for human health & digestion.

TeraGanix Ordering Instructions

Total Health Fx Is An Affiliate of TeraGanix

EM Veggie Basket

  •  PRO EM-1 Probiotic Healthy Gut Microbes for a Powerful Probiotic Supplement. Strong enough to Cleanse.  Gentle enough daily, non-GMO, Wheat-, Dairy- &  Soy-Free, & Gluten-Free:

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