W holistic Health Fx Natural Treatment Modalities

W holistic Health Fx Natural Treatment Modalities

W holistic Health Fx provides natural treatments for most common ailments to our private clients through , Total Health Massage Fx and Total Health Naturopathy Fx and organic foods and herbs via Total Health Food Co-op and Healthy Goods Online Mall.  Within these broad categories are many Natural Treatment Modalities which our Therapists and Practitioners and our W holistic Health clients choose from to create a custom W holistic Health Fx Program. Many Common Ailments may be alleviated with the help of these

Natural Treatment Modalities:

Therapeutic Massage Modalities Naturopathic Modalities Natural Remedies
Total Health Massage Health History Aroma Therapy/Essential Oils
Polarity Therapy Plant-Based Diets Herbs
Acupressure Lacto-Vegetarian Homeopathy
Deep Tissue Vegan Bach Flower Remedies
Reflexology Raw Foods Natural Skin Care
Sports Massage Health-Building Diet Vitamins
CranioSacral Therapy Purifying Diet Minerals
Salt Scrub Gluten-Free Diet Amino Acids
Indian Herb & Clay Rub Dairy-Free Diet Enzymes
Fx-Ercise Gourmet Vegetarian Diet Anti-Oxidants
Polarity Yoga Macrobiotic Diet Juicing & Sprouting
Breathing Exercises Low Sodium Diet Bowel Cleansing
Posture Exercises Low Calorie Diet Liver Cleansing
Brain Balance Exercises Healthy Vegetarian Meals for the Holidays Gall Bladder Cleansing
Chair Massage Food Allergy Pulse Testing Smoking Cessation
Medical Massage Art Therapy Water Purification
Myofascial Release Epsom Salts Baths Skin Brushing
Neuro Muscular Therapy Organic Foods & Gardening Natural Mental Health
Lymhatic Drainage Massage Positive Mental Attitude Natural Weight Control
Stretch & Movement Therapy Time & Money Management Natural Skin Care

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