What Is Total Health Fx?

Total Health Fx Is:

“The Wholistic Natural HealthCare Alternative for Prevention, Remedy & Wellness

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Total Health Fx is a family-owned, home-based business based in the natural countryside of the Murrieta-Temecula-Menifee Valley, California. Innovated by Joe & Kathi Fox, Natural Health Practitioners, certified in their fields of Alternative Body Care and Naturopathy since 1978, Total Health Fx provides effective and time-tested products and services of Natural Body Care, Personal Nutrition Education, and Healthy Living Skills, known as “The Fox-Fix” for their excellent, effective results.

Joe & Kathi Fox

Joe & Kathi Fox

Alternative to What? Modern Society and Modern Medicine (Allopathy) have unfortunately become very un-natural, in many cases anti-natural, with some very un-wholesome results. Toxic Medicines, Invasive Surgeries, Un-hygenic Facilities, the slightest error in which can be fatal. In our Food & Water Supply, Excessive Preservatives, Pesticides, Soils Deplete of Natural Organisms, Drinking Water Over-Chlorinated, so-called Purified Water depleted of Natural Minerals, and Chemicals in our Packaged Food Products, all in the long-run deplete health and may ultimately cause ill-health and dis-ease. Scientists fiddling around with hormones and genetics, the consequences of which are unknown certainly seem to up-set the delicate balance of function in our Bodies. Lack of Movement from Sedentary lifestyles, and poor posture from hours in the work cubicle and commuter vehicles make for un-healthy habits for our delicate bodies.

Total Health Fx offers Services and Education to best make Healthy Choices in our foods, supplements, drinking water; and Alternative Health Solutions as Natural Therapies for Prevention and Remedy. Committed to sharing their personal experience of natural health and by working with the whole of you in mind, Total Health Fx was created to “Inspire Healthy Lifestyles” and believes that “Nature Heals with Natural Care.”

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Wholistic health endeavors to treat both the mind and the body and the spirit as one, a synergistic combination of all of its “apparently” separate functions and physiology. A Totally Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Remedy work in synch to make us feel whole again


Natural health works with natural plant-based and mineral substances for aid in the maintenance and healing of body and mind, and natural BodyCare to give rest and restore the natural energy balance of the body.


Total Health Fx believes that HealthCare should be full of Health and full of Care !


Alternative health strives to use a combination of health modalities when used together are a synergistic alternative to modern medicine, and are natural and wholistic in origin and purpose.


As the Total Health Fx Logo suggests, the single greatest form of prevention is a Totally Healthy Lifestyle; eating natural plant-based foods; drinking fresh purified water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas; getting plenty of movement and exercise; enjoying Nature, Sunshine, Fresh Air and Earth’s Beautiful Scenery.


When we do at times become ill and symptomatic, feel unbalanced, Total Health Fx always recommends natural forms of remedy, such as Manual Therapy, extra rest and water, appropriate herbs, homeopathic and aromatic formulas to restore Total Health


Well…We just call it Total Health !

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