Testimonials & Recommendations For Joe Fox, Licensed Massage Therapist, Total Health Massage

Testimonials & Recommendations For

Joe Fox, Total Health Manual Therapy Master Practitioner

Here are a few Testimonials and Recommendations I have received over the years, originally published in various social media sites.  These are from some of the many regular clients I have had over the last 45 years and a couple from fellow therapists  and health professionals with whom I have worked. It is a pleasure to be able to be helpful with the skills I have been given.

Reviews from 2 long-time colleagues John Chitty “Excellent intelligence and integrity” and Frank Weller “Day in and day out, from ’79 to ’86, I worked closely with Joe.  I say this from my heart…..Joe is a highly skilled professional. He works hard, and he knows what he is doing.”

Gina Lapetina Vancil gave me an awesome review, 9/9/13: “I would highly recommend Joe, 5 out of 5. He was amazing and very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body. The treatment I had with Joe was very helpful to my back and neck. I seemed to have a lot of tension that was released during our session. I’ve been suffering with margin headaches for over 20 years. The treatment I had helped with my pain and allow me to drive from Murrieta Ca. to Denver Co. pain free. I recommend Joe and his treatment plans for anyone with pain, especially in the back and neck areas. It helped with my discomfort immensely. Thank you Joe you were a life saver!”

A review by Fred M Foster on Stik.com: ” I was introduced to Joe after the Human Race in Los Angeles, a 5/10K run where he was offering chair massages for the participants. Joe has been my regular massage therapist for over 20 yrs after that introduction. His massage approach is both invigorating and relaxing. His style is personally tailored and friendly. With 5 being the highest rating, I give him “5”!”

“”For several months, I was experience severe pain in my right shoulder and was beginning to believe I had a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. It was causing discomfort when I slept, interfered with my daily exercises and overall, limited my movements during the entire day.
I have been getting massages from Total Health now for almost 1 year and as I explained my symptoms to Joe, he directly focused on my shoulder as he listened and understood my pain.
It has almost been a 5 weeks now and since Joe worked on my right shoulder with his techniques, I have been able to regain my mobility, exercise at full strength again, sleep better at night and all of the things I love to do PAIN FREE!
And to this day, I still have have NO PAIN.
If you are in pain, call Joe and share with him what your symptoms. He will fix you right up. Thanks Joe!! See you soon.”

Chris Williams 5 STAR Direct Marketing Consultant
www.5stardm.com” December 1, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time, hired Joe for Massage Therapy in 2010,and hired Joe more than once______________________________________

“Joe takes a personal interest in making sure each client receives what they need. He is specific in attending to each client’s areas of concern when conducting therapeutic massage. In turn, Joe takes the entire individual into account as he considers your total health in regard to diet, lifestyle and body type. Joe lives by what he teaches. . .I have experienced this first hand for the past two years. Joe is the consummate professional in his field. I give my highest recommendation to Joe Fox and Total Health.

-Eric Tomlinson, Real Estate Consultant, ”September 2, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

hired Joe for Therapeutic Massage in 2009, and hired Joe more than once____________

“I have worked with Joe for years, he is tops!” June 6, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Richard Maire, Attorney, hired Joe as a Massage Therapy in 1987, and hired Joe more than once___

“Joe has been keeping me going, raising grandkids, having a business and keeping house and church activities tend to be hard on my body and he knows how to get the knots out and get the energy moving so that I can be a positive contributor to life. Thanks Joe” May 19, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Pam SantiSanti’s Fountains, Riverside CA, hired Joe as a Massage therapist in 2002, and hired Joe more than once

“If you ever experience pain in the back, sciatic, neck etc….Joe is hard working with the best intentions and sincerely strives to improve your health by minimizing the effects of stress and literally “working out the kinks”.
He’s experienced, knowledgeable and goes out of his way to keep in touch and help you address the issues of pain and discomfort that prevent you from performing at your best.
And…he’s just a good guy.
Call him!” May 19, 2011,

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

George Rogers, hired Joe as a Massage Therapist in 2003, and hired Joe more than once

“Joe provided massage therapy for me in my home for several years. He is an excellent therapist, always accomodated my schedule and was very professional in every way. ” May 18, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Tom SepkoRetired, hired Joe as a massage therapist in 1997, and hired Joe more than once____

“I highly recommend Joe Fox for his massage therapy.He always takes the stress away with his massaging skills” July 26, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

David Condon, hired Joe for massage therapy in 1996, and hired Joe more than once___

“As a decades long personal friend and colleague of Joe and Kathi, I can attest to their keen interest in choosing health life styles and conscious living practices.” August 6, 2009

Larry JohnsonOwner, Mountain Valley Foods, Kalispell MT
worked directly with Joe at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, Polarity Health Institute______

“I have known Joe and Kathi for close to 30 years and they are wonderful people. They exude honesty, are trustworthy, sincerely care about people and want to do whatever they can to be of help. They are loyal and will go that extra mile to give you all that they’ve got to give. ” June 26, 2009

Dr Ted Edwards DC Edmonds Chiropractic Allergy Clinic, Edmonds WA
worked with Joe at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, Polarity Health Institute__________

Joe is an excellent practitioner with deep understanding of the physical and energetic body. His vast knowledge allows his intuition to guide his hand to a full body healing experience. Susan D., L.Ac.

As a Massage Therapist I have been taught many things in many classes.  I have learned the most from the dear clients that I work with over time.

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