Therapeutic Stability Ball Exercises

Therapeutic Stability Ball Exercises

Exercising with Therapeutic Stability Balls provides tremendous benefits for the musculo-skeletal system of the body. the key benefits are abdominal strengthening, proper posture and allignment,  core stability, muscle strength and endurance, and stretching.  Therapeutic stability balls can be used as both exercise or as a “chair” of sorts to assure proper posture during the workday.  Below is an article by Boston-based Fitness “Trainer Mike” Medeiros, in which he elaborates about therapeutic stability ball Exercises.  Links for therapeutic stability balls, book and dvd and online video have been inserted.

The Benefits of Using Stability Ball Exercises


Today’s fitness world there are many pieces of equipment that can be used to help you reach your health and fitness goals. It seems there is a new piece of equipment coming out weekly that will “guarantee” results. If you want a tried and true piece of equipment that has shown to get results, then look no further than the stability ball. Performing stability ball exercises may be what you are missing!

stability ball exercises

What Is a Stability Ball?

This simple large inflatable ball is considered a piece of exercise equipment because you can do just about everything on it. This heavy-duty ball is capable of holding several hundred pounds of weight. The stability ball is comfortable and it provides good support. It is a great tool for trainers as stability ball exercises go with the structure of a clients body.

The stability ball is also known as a Swiss Ball or a physioball.

A great thing about the stability ball is that anyone at any fitness level can use it. And since it is so versatile, the methods listed at which are of great help for pain alleviation, can also be implemented. The stability ball can be used anywhere and it is easy to bring along when traveling. If you compare the price to other exercise equipment and the types of stability ball exercises that can be performed, it is truly the winner.

The Origin of the Stability Ball

The origin of the stability ball stems from the use in rehabilitation. In the early 1900′s physical therapists used stability balls to address many neurological disorders in their patients.

In the 1960′s an Italian toymaker named Aquilino Cosani, started making and selling the ball. It was known as the ‘Gymnastik’. Cosani started the company called Gymnic and quickly became the major supplier to most rehab centers and programs.

It wasn’t until the 90′s that the stability ball made it to the athletic area as it was used to improve the muscle condition of pro athletes. Stability ball exercises then started to make there way into the fitness world. Presently, fitness professionals and medical specialists will recommend using the stability ball because of the benefits that can be achieved by all.

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The Benefits of Using a Stability Ball

The improvement in strength in the lower back and abs are one of the greatest assets of stability ball exercises. Also, there is a major improvement in functional strength, flexibility and balance of the body and can even help with weight loss.

I have some videos of stability ball exercises at the bottom of the post.

1. Better Abs
Great abs is something that is wanted by the majority of people who exercise. Using the ball will target the abdominal region as the core is activated to balance yourself on the ball. b The need to use the core to balance also will make any ab exercise more challenging.

2. Proper Alignment
Having proper balance during training on the ball will use different parts of the body to achieve this. Improving the natural motor reflexes during exercise with dynamic movements occur as many muscles are used. Maintaining balance is one of the biggest challenges using the ball and to do this many muscles that are not usually used are activated. The alignment of the body is improved as you train to get proper balance on the ball.

3. Core Stability

Stability ball exercises help support and stabilize all body movements. The major muscles of the back and abdominals are all exercised when using stability ball exercises. Using the stability ball will work these core muscles which can improve many aspects of everyday life.

4. Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance
Stability ball exercises can be used to strengthen the muscles of the back which may help prevent any back problems. Also, when using the ball, all the major muscles can be exercised to improve muscle strength and endurance which will give the body better flexibility and stability.

5. Weight Loss
Performing stability ball exercises may help with weight loss as many muscle groups are being used. For example, a dumbbell press on a ball uses many more muscles than you would if you did it on a bench. Your core has to be activated while doing the press on the ball compared to laying on a flat bench in which there is no need for balance.

6. Stretching
The stability ball isn’t usually thought of when stretching but it can be a great tool to assist in stretching exercises. Using the ball to stretch can make it more effective as it will contour to the body.

Stability ball exercise videos here: Stability Ball Exercises


Including the stability ball into your exercise routine is one of the most effective pieces of equipment you can use. The benefits of stability ball exercises can assure you better functional strength, flexibility and balance of the body.

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