W holistic Health: A Prescription for Healthy Living

By Joe Fox, co-owner of Total Health Fx, W holistic Health Practitioners providing w holistic natural healthcare alternatives for prevention, remedy, and wellness.  Joe, and wife-business partner Kathi,  have been in practice for over 40 years; Joe has several certifications in various fields of a Manual Therapy specializing in relief of musculoskeletal and organic pains in the body – his results are popularly known as the “Fox-Fix”.  Kathi consults as a Naturopathic Practitioner, with expertise in using  plant-based nutrition as foods for health and herbs for natural remedy.  They also run a Food Co-op, where the public can purchase brand-name healthy foods at wholesale prices, and get bits of healthy advice along with it. Their home office is in the Menifee area of  Southern California and offer services by housecall in the local area and in Los Angeles; more details available at their website, www.TotalHealthFx.com .

W holistic Health provides a prescription for Healthy Living and Healing. W holistic Health is by definition natural, non-harmful, non-toxic, detoxifying, energy-balancing, both preventative and remedy-ing, and designed for a life of wellness. A personal program of w holistic health starts with whatever level of health is presented, no matter if one is pretty healthy or bereft of any number of symptoms; and usually  chosen by those who want to take care of their health on their own, to age more gracefully, or not having healthy results and/or wanting to avoid the chemical or surgical risks from Modern Medicine.

W holistic health, although made popular in the last few decades, has actually been in existence in every civilization throughout history. W holistic and natural health has formed the basis of healing systems in ancient India, China, Rome and Greece, Northern Europe, and Native cultures in the Americas and the Pacific. In recent modern time, the “traditional” education of w holistic health has been outside the realm of University and Modern Allopathic Medicine, and largely offers Healthy Choices of physiologically-based Manual Therapy  and Plant-Based Naturopathy as forms of Natural Remedy and Alternative Health Solutions.

W holistic health may combine several modes of health that create a synergistic effect on the body and mind, but keep in mind it is not just a random collection of cool treatment choices packaged together in a Spa-day. W holistic health is actually the “single-string theory” applied to the functioning of the body and mind. That means that the W holistic Health Practitioner uses an understanding of this single universal constant of energy through his/her modes of healing in order to balance the energy in the body-mind of the client-patient. That was a mouthful of big concept, suffice it to say that the wise W holistic Practitioner is trained to apply the laws of physics and energy, and his or her modes of healing do the same.

People get substantial benefits by merging naturally healthy lifestyle practices and self-help along with the skills of seasoned W holistic Health Practitioners. We wish you Total Health and nothing less!

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