Happy Healthy Holiday

Happy Healthy Holiday

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Alternative to What?

Modern Society and Modern Medicine (Allopathy) have unfortunately become very un-natural, in many cases anti-natural, with some very un-wholesome results. Toxic Medicines, Invasive Surgeries, Un-hygenic Facilities, the slightest error in which can be fatal. In our Food & Water Supply, Excessive Preservatives, Pesticides, Soils Deplete of Natural Organisms, Drinking Water Over-Chlorinated, so-called Purified Water depleted of Natural Minerals, and Chemicals in our Packaged Food Products, all in the long-run deplete health and may ultimately cause ill-health and dis-ease. Scientists fiddling around with hormones and genetics, the consequences of which are unknown certainly seem to up-set the delicate balance of function in our Bodies. Lack of Movement from Sedentary lifestyles, and poor posture from hours in the work cubicle and commuter vehicles make for un-healthy habits for our delicate bodies.

Total Health Fx offers Services and Education to best make Healthy Choices in our foods, supplements, drinking water; and Alternative Health Solutions as Natural Therapies for Prevention and Remedy. Committed to sharing their personal experience of natural health and by working with the whole of you in mind, Total Health Fx was created to “Inspire Healthy Lifestyles” and believes that “Nature Heals with Natural Care.


Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling?  Oil pulling is based on an ancient Ayurvedic technique for detoxifying and rejuvenating the body.  It is an East Indian folk remedy that has been used for thousands of years.  Traditionally, virgin sesame oil was used…however many people today choose organic virgin raw coconut oil instead.  (Just sit it in warm water till it liquefies, or let it liquefy in your mouth).  Coconut oil is often used because of its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and enzymatic properties…so it gets rid of the bad bugs and leaves behind the good probiotics.

The process draws congestion and mucus from the body (from your throat and sinuses).  If you have ever had a cavity, root canal or crown there is a high probability there are residual toxins in the teeth and gums, affecting your teeth.  German Naturopaths feel that all health problems are related to problems in the teeth and gums.  So it is a very important area to think about.  Oil pulling is a very inexpensive and powerful way to draw toxins from the mouth.  It also attracts bacteria, toxins, and parasites from your mouth and lymph system.  Thanks to our saliva, all these things bind with the oil, ready to be disposed of.  Another advantage of oil pulling is it helps to re-mineralize teeth and strengthen gums through sintomasdelsida.org the act of thoroughly cleansing the area. Many doctors recommend to use some dental and oral health supplements like prodentim, prodentim reviews suggest that this supplement has helped people regain healthy teeth and strong gums naturally. There are over 90 thousand ProDentim customer reviews on the official website, which suggest that the supplement does what it says.

When essential oils are added into the coconut oil before putting it in your mouth, more toxins are drawn with added health benefits.  Add 2 drops of Oregano oil into the oil.  There is enough coconut oil to veil and dilute the oregano, so that it will not be hot in the mouth.  Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil can also be used.

There are thousands of different types of bacteria in the mouth.  Some of them are friendly, others are not.  Certain bacteria can cause harm, such as Streploccocus Mutans, which is the main culprit behind plaque buildup, gingivitis and cavities.

Bacteria in the mouth creates a “biofilm” on the teeth – a thin layer that they use to adhere to the surface.   This is what we know as “plaque”.  Having some plaque on your teeth is normal, but if it gets out of hand it can cause all sorts of problems.

How to Oil Pull.  Put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth, then swish it around your teeth for 10 – 20 minutes, using the oil like a mouthwash.  Swirl it around, pull the oil between your teeth, wash it over your gums and under your tongue.  Don’t gargle with it and  Don’t swallow it as you do not want to re-ingest the toxins.

If a tablespoon of oil is too much, start with a teaspoon, then build up to the full amount.  If 20 minutes is too long, start out with 5 minutes and work up to 20.  When the 20 minutes is up, spit the oil out into a cup, not in the sink, as it may clog the drain.  Finish by rinsing your mouth out with clean water, then  brush your teeth.  Oil pulling can be done any time of the day, but it is best first thing in the morning.  Perform this health habit before you eat or drink.  Oil pulling may be done up to three times a day.

Any kind of oil can be used, as long as it is unrefined cold-pressed.  Organic oils would also be preferable.  Oils bottled in dark glass bottles will be least likely to oxidize and are therefore healthier.

How does it work?  It works by attracting the fatty membranes of the microorganisms.  When you swish the oil around your mouth, the bacteria “get stuck” in it and dissolve in the liquid oil.  Basically, you remove a large amount of bacteria and plaque in your mouth each time you do this.

Results of oil pulling:  The first sign of improvement is in the teeth –  they become firm and white.  Oil pulling can reduce plaque and gingivitis, as well as bad breath.  From there, the whole body can be affected, pulling toxins, reducing bacterial and viral infections, inflammation and even improving one’s mental state.  Many disease conditions have been reported improved or cured.  Different types of oils apparently have different effects.

Sesame oil (recommended- Flora brand, Sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil,  avocado oil, cedar nut oil, walnut oil.   I might add almond oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, maybe wheat germ oil.     Black cumin seed oil, and safflower oil have all been used.  Unrecommended are Castor oil,  as castor beans are toxic for internal use,  and cod liver oil  as it comes from the most toxic organ in the fish, its liver.  As has been stated above, be sure these oils are food-grade, unrefined, cold-pressed and preferably organic.

Some oils are more expensive than others.  They each have their own properties, some being drier than others, some being thicker than others, some having strong flavors and others milder, more pleasant tastes.  Don’t wait to figure out which oil is best for you, just get some and try it.  The detoxification process can take up to a year and a half, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.  Be patient and keep oil pulling.  This is an inexpensive and easy way to improve your health.  Get started now on your journey to good health!

Make it safe, sure and enjoy your weight loss to the fullest. Duromine is the only anorectic drug, which is sold at Australian pharmacies.

The Best Total Health Manual Therapy Rave Review I Have Ever Received!

The Front Story, A Rave Review on Facebook Messenger

“Hello Joe! Happy New year! I do not know if you remember me but I was one of your indirect clients at the 10k run when you sat by my side for 2 hours almost when I could not stand the touch of a feather on my legs. A million thanks by the way! I wanted to let you know that that day played a significant role in my life because I had so many questions about what had happened or why I’ve never experienced so much pain in my life. I am now 2 weeks away from graduating massage therapy school in Philadelphia and 3 weeks away from taking the state licensing test. I learned that CBD products really help reduce anxiety and pain. Now with a little more knowledge I know how apply the self care techniques on soft tissue to ensure muscular vitality along with helping other people too! I considered going to physical therapy school and even chiropractor school, but I already have my main career as an engineer. But I can say that the encounter with you sparked another life interest in me that I started pursuing and going after. And I could not be happier! God bless and happy new year.”

And Now, The Back Story

This really made my day and goes back 3 or 4 years ago…I was attending a running race event demonstrating Total Health Manual Therapy in 10 minute mini-sessions. Out the back of my booth space I see a family waving frantically from across a lawn area for me to come over to them…I was working on someone and gestured that I would see them in a couple minutes. The young woman literally was in such acute pain in her legs that she could not be touched at all and was not able to get to standing. I attempted many things, and realized she may be dehydrated or low on blood sugar or something. So we, the surrounding family and friends, got some bananas and oranges from the other vendors at the event. Meanwhile I tried everything I knew or imagine to do over an hour period of time. All along I kept thinking I was the only thing keeping her from the necessity of an ambulance and the emergency room, so I was definitely doing the best I could. I chose not to share the urgency of the situation with her, to not create any extra fear, but I was confident that my skills would prevail.  As risk-taker I went where other therapists would not; I gave up on my booth and gave myself a mental hour to help her out. Over time there were incremental improvements to her situation, none of which could get her on her feet, so at about 45 minutes in I shared that if she couldn’t stand we would have to call for an ambulance and get her to an emergency room.

She literally had a locked ankle (with toes pointing) and could not on her own, or with my help, unlock and straighten out her foot. She finally agreed to attempt getting to standing on the one good foot and bit by bit put more weight on the locked foot. When that was accomplished over a number of minutes, I urge her to walk it off with the help of two of her male friends. They walked through the parking lot, and making it to their car, drove off. I never saw her again. I believe I had given her my business card and that we may have had a brief social media communication shortly thereafter. I did not know that somehow we had become Facebook friends, and over time I had forgotten her name until receiving the recent rave review, and come to find out her name is Michelle Stephanie, and has gone on to study Massage Therapy for her personal self-care. I had never forgotten the situation and have shared it a few times. Sometimes the story just gets better and better!

More from Michelle’s Viewpoint!

“The back story, as I remember is as follows: I have not always been the best runner, but I really enjoy the mental, emotional, and physical challenge that running brings. Prior to running the 10k in Hemet, I had already ran numerous 5ks, 10ks (one in Colorado) and 1 half marathon. Each race presented itself with the usual cramping and soreness that I tend to commonly experience. I am used to the severe cramping and having to keep my body moving after a race. Aware of this, I tend to follow all the hydration and meal coordination required to minimize the post-race pains. The race in Hemet, was something I never had experience before. It was intense hypersensitivity and locked lower limbs. The touch of a feather sent shooting pain through my entire leg. I could not move. All I can remember is crossing the finish line, sitting down from how tired I was, and then excrutiatingly not being able to get back up. A nurse rushed to my side, and then Joe did too. I tried to remain calm (simply because I am used to post-race trauma and needing to give myself time to stretch and drink water). Dehydration did not cross my mind at all because I had done all the “water drinking” required to have a successful race. I remember that after 20 minutes of experiencing this pain and Joe unsuccessfully getting my legs to move. I started to panic!! My usual recovery time is 20-30 minutes. I started hyperventilating due to the awareness of how much pain I was in for the most minimal movement. Feathers could have been knives, I could not tell the difference. In my panic, all I remember is Joe telling me “you need to let go of your pain. You need to let go of your pain. I cant help you until you let go of your pain.” In all of this, I was frustrated that I felt I had no control over how much pain I was in. I remember Joe and family friends making me scarf down bananas, and electrolyte solutions. But it wasn’t until “You need to let go of your pain” that something in my body resonated. I was mentally in a different state…I was experiencing pain and could not make sense of anything else besides thinking in that moment that I needed to leave out of there walking. 45 minutes later, they mentioned calling an ambulance. I was determined to walk. I refused every inch of pain I was experiencing but did not know how to let it go. I could hear Joes voice far away from me, but I could see he was right at my feet. I had never felt so weak and so strong. I could tell my body was at the verge of fainting from pain. I fought it. I could feel the pain as its own existence enclosed in my body like a capsule. “Breathe, you need to let it out. Breathe again! And one more breath!” I was unaware that I was holding my breath. Joe walking me through my own breath and doing some sort of guru magic. I could feel myself melting. I could feel the pain exiting from my breath at some point where I felt like I just needed to throw up. Movement and touch: one toe at a time, one ankle at a time, and finally we were at my knees. I was moving my knees! I felt exhausted. I felt like I just got beat up by a thousand suns and had just gone into a battlefield. I felt a sense of victory because I did not get wheeled away in an ambulance. It took a Joe, a nurse, and a family friend to get me out of this painful experience. But joe was the one who kept his hands intentionally on my the entire time. I could never make sense of this experience. But it comes to me at all times in all running races and even in my training. This experience was such a mysterious one to me that led me enroll in massage therapy school to understand how to self maintenance the body to live in an optimal vital state, I’ve learned many things that now help my body. I learned later that what I experienced was hyperdermatome sensitivity due to fascial dehydration. Which led me to love, understand, and appreciate myofascial release therapy. Body work does not always have to be deep or painful to be effective. Sometimes the light touch is where we need and receive the most benefits (this is where my experience with Joe resonates deeply). Fascia in itself is the thin fibrous network of connective tissue that runs all long our body, creating enclosures and compartments for every organ and muscle. It is considered as the “inbetween” network throughout the body. And my experience definitely had me inbetween something magical. It was literally out of this world as I could remember connecting with the pain and everything I was feeling, disconnecting with it because it hurt so much, and connecting with it again only to be able to let it go through my breath. I have mentioned Joe to everyone of my classmates and teachers. And even some of my teachers had never heard of such a situation or client. So I am deeply thankful Joe, that you whole heartedly stayed by my side, with intention and mindfulness, and I do not remember either when we became fb friends. I did have your card. And in all my moves from work, to school, to out of the country, had lost it. But here we are. And I am thankful for your existence and universal trigger our experience was. You are the force behind every client I will have in the future, when they are in pain. Happy Birthday!”

Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook

Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook

Long ago and far away…Total Health Fx has its roots in the health resort programs at Murrieta Hot Springs, located in California. Kathi and Joe Fox were officially students of this organization and went on to become staff members for about a decade in the 70’s and ’80’s. In fact, Kathi was in Murrieta Hot Springs Kitchen management and production for several years. Although written in 1987, a batch of these lovely and scrumptious books have recently been un-covered are available today. They are the only new copies in circulation today.

Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook was based on various therapeutic dietary plans, all of which are quite delicious and gourmet. Murrieta Hot Springs Resort was well-known for its natural, wholistic, and alternative health programs.   You’ll find hundreds of tasty recipes that you will enjoy and share!

$10.00 + $10 Shipping/Handling + Sales tax


Whole Food Plant-Based Diets

Whole Food, Plant-Based Diets Prevent Disease, Reverse Chronic Conditions

Why Eat Whole Food Plant-Based Foods

(And the Politics that Get in the Way)

Plantpure Magazine, all about whole food plant-based diets

“Science has demonstrated that a whole-food, plant-based diet is optimal for health, not just for preventing disease, but also for reversing serious chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.”

Learn how easy it is to buy and prepare plant-based whole foods!

What Do Plant-Based People Eat


The China Study: A Well Researched Book?

Was The China Study A Well Researched Book?

Total Health Fx is pleased to re-post this article in its entirety

Re-posted from: The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS).   http://nutritionstudies.org/china-study-well-researched-book/

“Answer to a Reader’s Question:

  1. We cited and referenced about 750 papers, almost all of which are peer reviewed. These are not secondary references (where our citations are re-citations of what other writers may have cited); we read them first hand and have copies of all.
  2. All of the work from my own laboratory and research group that is cited in the book was published in peer reviewed professional journals–and many in the very best peer reviewed journals.
  3. I am the author of hundreds of peer reviewed articles–you can find about 125 of them listed by the National Library of Medicine on their website.
  4. I, myself, have been a “peer”–in two ways. At various times during my career, I was on 5 professional journal editorial boards that “peer-reviewed” the work of others that was being submitted and considered for publication. Second, I was on several grant review panels, as a peer, deciding what research applications submitted by others should be funded (at NIH, these panels are called ‘study sections’).
  5. I submitted our book manuscript for peer review to several very eminent science colleagues and they contributed ‘praises’ that are listed in the book. They include a Nobel Laureate (now Vice Provost for Research at an Ivy League school), a former university president (who himself was chair of the main advisory committee of university presidents), the former Executive Director of the prestigious Food and Nutrition Board (among other appointments), the senior advisor for the environment to the president of the World Bank etc. This is a very distinguished panel of peers.

T. Colin Campbell, PhD has been at the forefront of nutrition research for over forty years. His legacy, the China Project, has been acknowledged as the most comprehensive study of health and nutrition ever conducted. Dr. Campbell is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University. He is also the founder of the highly acclaimed, Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate and serves as the Chairman of the Board for the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.”

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Anatomy Movements of the Body

Yoga Anatomy Movements of the Body

Yoga has become a recognized movement therapy; great for stretching and flexibility, strengthening and peace of mind. It is amazing to see the anatomy movements of the body.

MUSCLES: You have more than 600 muscles in your body that contribute to about 40% of your total body weight. By moving, you are strengthening your muscles, which improves stability, balance, and coordination.

BONES: Movement helps build more durable, denser bones. Bone-building activities like resistance training (weights), weight-bearing exercises (jogging, walking, hiking), and balance training (yoga) can support better bone density.

JOINTS: Yoga is all about body awareness, so you’re compelled to pay attention to each movement. By being aware of how you move, you can increase coordination and balance, be mindful of the positioning of your joints, and relax. Plus, yoga encourages flexibility and range-of-motion, which boosts joint flexibility and joint function.

BRAIN: Walking 30-40 minutes a day three times per week can help “regrow” the structures of the brain linked to cognitive decline in older adults. If you are working from home or tend to sit more often, make an effort to take walks.

HEART: According to the British Heart Foundation, we can avoid around 10,000 fatal heart each year if we keep fit, so start moving and try cycling to improve your heart health. Regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by 50%.


TeraGanix Ordering Instructions

Healthy Microbes for a Vibrant Healthy Life

Healthy Garden Soil & Easy Composting

 Why is it healthy to have a natural population of microbes?

  • Healthy Microbes help in the decomposition of food and septic wastes
  • TeraGanix manufactures  live probiotic supplements, NON-GMO cocktail of dozens of microorganisms used to build healthy garden soil,  septic waste digester,  and create indoor/outdoor compost to create healthy garden soil & plants. Effective microorganisms  for human health & digestion.

TeraGanix Ordering Instructions

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  •  PRO EM-1 Probiotic Healthy Gut Microbes for a Powerful Probiotic Supplement. Strong enough to Cleanse.  Gentle enough daily, non-GMO, Wheat-, Dairy- &  Soy-Free, & Gluten-Free:

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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Dietary Guidelines for Total Health

The U.S. Federal Government’s “Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to focus on eating a healthful diet — one that focuses on foods and beverages that help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promote health, and prevent disease. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and some cancers.” [Read the Vegetarian Resource Group’s Comments to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee below.   Total Health Fx  supports the most healthful Dietary Guidelines incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.]

Importance of a good diet for kids

A good diet is crucial for kids as it plays a significant role in their growth and development. It provides the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for their bodies to function properly. A well-balanced diet supports their immune system, helps maintain a healthy weight, and reduces the risk of several chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It also enhances cognitive function, memory, and concentration, supporting their academic performance. Additionally, instilling healthy eating habits early on promotes long-term wellness and can prevent future health issues.

Read more about 2015 Dietary Guidelines