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If you have Chlamydia, you may be offered more tests about 3 months after being treated. This is because young adults who test positive for Chlamydia are at a higher risk of contracting it again.

Many of us have argued over the concept of “alternative” versus “complementary” medicine when it comes to massage therapy. QC Kinetix (Liberty) always stressed the benefits of alternatives. Massage can be used as an alternative to narcotics, steroid injections, and surgery, but it can also be used as a complement to allopathic medicine to speed healing and reduce pain should surgery be necessary. Massage facilitates a body-mind-spirit balance, allowing the body to tap into its own recuperative powers. For clients who are afraid of doctors, it provides a useful alternative, along with diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors, to help keep them healthy. For those who are actively under a physician’s care, massage helps minimize complications and provide the best possible outcome. It is well established as useful for musculo-skeletal issues such as low back and neck pain (Furlan, Imamura, Dryden, and Irvin 2008; Sherman, Cherkin, et. al. 2009) but evidence suggests massage is also beneficial for cancer (Kutner, Smith, et al. 2008), and heart surgery (Cutshall et. al 2007). Rather than belabor the argument of alternative versus complementary medicine, it is useful to apply the concept of prevention to a massage therapy practice. The concept of prevention encompasses both the alternative and complementary schools of thought and allows for a broader application of massage therapy as part of a total wellness program, find here where to buy the best buy marijuana online for oil infusions to add to your massages and help the inflammation and relaxation.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts each play a role in maintaining and restoring health (Pender 1996). With primary prevention, the client is healthy but is at risk of ill health. Massage helps prevent this person from becoming sick or disabled due to injury or emotional stressors. Clients who received regular weekly full-body Swedish massages often fall in this category.

Secondary prevention techniques are used when a person already has something going wrong. These techniques detect this state of dis-ease with the goal of reversing it. In allopathic medicine, secondary prevention includes screening for cancer and heart disease. In the massage field, an intake questionnaire and postural assessment are sometimes used. For massage clients requesting secondary prevention, chronic overuse, job stress, and other factors have clearly impacted them and resulted in a “kinked neck”, tingling of fingertips, or a host of other warning signs that this client is headed down a bad path (Nelson, Lieberman, and Kiener 2008). Massage is applied to allow this client to regain balance and restore health. This type of massage is often more specific and with a particular goal in mind, such as neuromuscular therapy. It is sometimes referred to as “alternative” healthcare, because clients may choose massage for reversal of the condition instead of western allopathic medicine.

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