How to Physically Relax When You Can’t Take the Time

In talking with a body care client recently about his need to physically relax his sports-induced muscles on a regular basis.  He related he couldn’t find the time to stretch or soak his body in a hot bath.  You may have felt this way yourself where taking the time to relax, unwind, to stretch or soak seems un-doable, but of course you take a shower!

This reminded me of a personal story of when I was living and working at a mineral and mud bath resort many years ago.  I was about to take a 3 month trip overseas where I would not have the facility to soak  in  hot mineral water or have a hot mud bath regularly as living at the resort.  I thought that if I could make up a mix of some powdered ingredients  for easy transport that I could shower with, it might slightly resemble the effects of a hot mineral or mud bath.

I found that my mix of powdered ingredients was far more relaxing than I actually imagined.  I share this with you for you to enjoy – make up a batch and have it on hand in your shower or bath to use whenever; my source for the ingredients follows:

  • One-third Boraxo Hand Soap powder

  • One-third Herbo-Mineral Clay powder

  • One-third Salt: your choice of Table Salt, Sea Salt, or Epsom Salt – cheap enough to buy on your own from any grocery or pharmacy

  • Mix these ingredients together to store in a plastic container and keep handy to soak or shower  with.

  • In a smaller container for one-time usage, mix one to two handfuls with just enough water to mix the ingredients and have it be a bit sloshy and no longer powdery.

  • Apply and scrub all over the body.

  • You’ll find it cleanses, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin, brings the natural body oils to the surface, and totally relieves the body of tension and the mind of stress.

  • Easy cleanup –  just spray down shower or bath while residue is still moist

  • Here’s how to inexpensively buy the necessary ingredients – just click on the links to check them out and order:

Table Salt, Sea Salt or Epsom Salt -cheap enough to buy on your own!

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