Joe’s First Total Health FX Blog Post

Joe’s First Total Health Fx Blog Post

This feels like “one giant step” for this man, but here goes. My hope is that you will find some interesting and alternative ideas to  our modern basic needs: our health . I was raised with pretty traditional values; as a result I basically found them boring. With each of these, “life happened while I was making other plans (or none at all)” and showed me an alternative view and ultimately how to fashion a lifestyle that incorporated the growing new value, what I could do with it in my life, how I can share that with other people and how I could make a living with it.

In the area of health, I stumbled onto some new college friends, in the early to mid ’70′s, who were vegetarian. It was one of those WOW moments. Prior to that, the only alternative lifestyle for me was the high school and college counter-culture of the late ’60′s and early ’70′s. Becoming a vegetarian was completely fascinating to me: it was good for me, good for the environment, good for the soul. A few years later I sought to broaden my knowledge and attended a wholistic health school, incorporating skills of therapeutic bodywork & exercise, using various vegetarian whole-food diets, select use of herbs, other supplements and treatments for maintaining health and cleansing the body inside and out, and mind-body integration – how our thoughts, emotions and attitudes create a specific level of health in the body. This added to the WOW – I discovered how this could be good for other people too and that I could help them. For nearly a decade, my beautiful new vegetarian wife Kathi and I, worked at the wholistic health school which evolved into a series of vegetarian health resorts and wholistic health personal and professional training centers. We went on later to create our own business, TotalHealthFx, and for the last 20 years, we have taught and treated individuals and families about their health. To help our clients overcome stress, pain, illness, or to simply teach them healthy lifestyle habits remains a true joy.

I take my values, ideals and interests to help people in very basic areas of life in very life-changing ways. This blog will have various articles on TotalHealthFx  I welcome your comments, ideas , and suggestions of what you’d like to read about and look forward to sharing with you.