Total Health Fx Health Radio Interview on Blog Talk Radio

Joe and Kathi Fox of Total Health Fx had a great health radio interview on Blog Talk Radio on February 7, 2013.  Listen to the 1/2 hour audio replay below  as they discuss alternative health solutions using the healthy choices of massage therapyhealthy eating and healthy living, how to take your health into your own hands.

Joe & Kathi Fox of Total Health Fx Interviewed On Blog Talk Radio

Joe & Kathi Fox of Total Health Fx Interviewed On Blog Talk Radio

Total Health Fx ‘s Joe and Kathi Fox had a great interview on Blog Talk Radio. Check out the audio replay

Listen to internet radio with Robbie Motter on Blog Talk Radio


Total Health Fx provides  wholistic natural healthcare alternatives for prevention, remedy, and wellness, since the late ‘80’s. After a decade of serving at destination health centers teaching personal natural health and training practitioners, Total Health Fx has been providing therapy and health consultation to individuals and families throughout Southern California.  Joe and Kathi Fox, Certified Natural Health Practitioners and  owners of Total Health Fx, offer therapeutic massage and nutritional consultation as primary services.  Joe is a Licensed Massage Therapist;  Kathi holds a Ph.D. in Naturopathy.  The Total Health services are available ala carte or as part of a Wholistic Synergy Program.  The “Food for Health” Co-op offers healthy foods at wholesale prices.

Joe and Kathi are very accommodating people.  Services are available in their Riverside County studios or by outcall in the local area; massage therapy serves a wide area from Los Angeles to San Diego on a regular basis.  Introductory rates are available for the first month of services and custom program packages.

Total Health Fx gives people the tools, therapy, and understanding of how to be healthier.  Consistency is the key to the goal of Total Health.  Although a single massage is a nice treat, regular treatment offers progress to the ingrained habits of the body.  Although many seek a “magic pill” for natural health, a well-founded plant-based diet will cleanse and nourish the body for Total Health.  For those wanting nothing short of Total Health, the services offered by Joe and Kathi Fox will get you there.