If we are going to talk about health and wealth , we should know what each of these terms mean. Are they just merely terms, or are they states of being. Here’s how the dictionary defines each:

HEALTH, noun. The dictionary defines health as

1 a: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit ; especially : freedom from physical disease or pain b: the general condition of the body <in poor health> <enjoys good health>

2 a: flourishing condition : well-being, being well b: general condition or state <poor economic health>

3: a toast to someone’s health or prosperity

WEALTH, noun. The dictionary defines wealth as:

1: obsolete : welfare; meaning faring well

2: abundance of valuable material possessions or resources

3: abundant supply : profusion

4 a: all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value b: all material objects that have economic utility ; especially : the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time <national wealth>

As a long-time health practitioner and student of health, this is something I think about and work with for both my clients and myself. Typically we think about getting or becoming healthier, or that we are already pretty healthy. Perhaps health is something we came equipped with and gets covered over with the stuff of life. What if health was more than a noun or a level to improve upon or an ultimate condition – maybe it is something that lives within us, an entity, at our core, a right of birth. This inner health, is always there, even though we may have things going on. It may be referred to by different terms: vitality, life force, energy, essence, in India prana, in China chi. Whatever it may be called, the health within can be accessed and experienced with the assistance of various therapeutic techniques and treatments, with a qualified therapist or even on your own. Your health is your own.

What about wealth? Is wealth merely just the sum of our material possessions or net worth? Is wealth an inner condition? Any teacher or student of personal achievement or prosperity would understand that wealth has an inner aspect: you must conceive of it before you achieve it. Even our Founding Fathers in their masonic wisdom understood it. I believe that “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” was about reaching inside of yourself to choose what you want to do in this world and having the freedom to go out and do it. They even put a “third eye” on the apex of the Great Pyramid on our dollar bill. These were men of great ideals, not just dreamers, but creators of destiny, transforming the wealth of their ideas into free and prosperous lives. Wealth is in abundant supply within us.

Although health may be covered with illness and wealth may be covered by debt, true health and true wealth, being well and faring well, are indeed states of being born from within us. We have the ability to reach into our depths and materialize health and wealth in our own lives.