Documentaries about Natural Cure with Plant-Based Diets

Documentaries & Books about Natural Cure with Plant-Based Diets

At Total Health Fx, we are strong proponents of plant-based diets for prevention, remedy & wellness.  The following movie documentaries about natural cure with plant-based diets are gladly shared with you whether you are totally healthy now or looking to get well or are in recovery. We hope they are in inspiration to you to have a Totally Healthy Lifestyle.

Get “The Gerson Therapy” Instructional Book

Get “The Food Matters Cookbook”

Get “Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health” Book

Get “Forks Over Knives – A Year of Meals” Book

Get the “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” Book

Dying to Have Known

Get “The Beautiful Truth” Book

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Get The “Rave Eating” Diet and Lifestyle Book


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