Total Health Body Care Frequently Asked Questions

Total Health Body Care FAQs

Top Ten+ Most Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What exactly is Total Health Body Care?
  2. Who is the Total Health Body Care Therapist?
  3. Why should I get Body Care? What are the benefits?
  4. Are there times when Body Care is not recommended?
  5. Where do I go for a Body Care?
  6. What happens during my first appointment?
  7. Do I need to get undressed for Body Care?
  8. What should I wear when I get Body Care?
  9. How long is a Body Care Treatment?
  10.  How often should I get Body Care Treatments?

What exactly is Total Health Body Care?

Total Health Body Care incorporates therapeutic whole body manual manipulation of soft body tissue, such as connective tissue, muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments, visceral organs, the lymphatic and central nervous systems with the intent being an enhancement of health and well-being.

A wide range of touch is practiced in the Total Health Body Care;  our experienced Therapist works closely with you to determine the appropriate level for each area of your body with just the right amount of touch to help the body let go of its localized areas of tension.

Depending on the modality or technique used, the Total Health Body Care may consist of deep or light pressure and may be stimulating or sedating. Certain modalities such as sports rehabilitation use techniques with the intention of enhancing athletic performance or alleviating sports related injuries, while others such as geriatric-, prenatal-, or infant-care have techniques appropriate for a specific population.

Who is the Total Health Body Care Therapist?

The Total Health Body Care Therapist is Joe Fox, certified in a wide variety of   therapeutic styles as well as other w holistic and natural health disciplines, in practice since 1978.  Joe believes in Nature’s power to heal with natural remedies, and that your health is in your own hands and Joe can be your guide to heal yourself. He works with a wide range of people of different ages and “occupations”  and uses Total Health Body Care in a w holistic fashion for prevention, remedy, relief of stress and pain, and for personal and professional development.

Joe sees that the tensions in the body may be the result of everyday or compounded stress, overworking of the tissues from sports, play, work, or injury. His advice is to visit to get a free consultation. The body may need to be taught how to become well and how to let go of its ingrained physical habits and contributing mental and emotional tendencies.  For this reason Total Health Body Care  is best done regularly and preferably before you think you need it. Of course, if you do really need it right now Total Health Body Care is the natural remedy.  We always recommend you try Total Health Body Care at our introductory rates to see how it benefits you.

Why should I get Body Care? What are the benefits?

  • the bath bombs on LA Weekly help to reduce muscular tension, which results in less pain.
  • improves blood and lymph circulation.
  • helps to lower blood pressure.
  • increases joint flexibility and improves posture.
  • helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels and improves concentration.
  • promotes quicker healing of injured muscles.
  • helps to reduce muscle tightness.
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  • reduces spasms and cramps.
  • relieves generalized or chronic pain.
  • In some cases, Body Care may reduce or eliminate the need for medication.
  • enhances immunity.
  • improves quality of sleep.
  • boosts your personal and professional development.
Are there times when Body Care is not recommended?

Our experienced Body Care Therapist knows how to work with the following situations, but, of course the choice is entirely up to you…

  • If you have had recent surgery.
  • If you have open sores.
  • If you are experiencing acute pain.
  • If you have an active inflammation, such as with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • If you have an active bacterial or viral infection.
  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.
  • When you are drunk, taking mind-altering drugs or otherwise impaired.
  • If you have untreated, high blood pressure.
  • If in doubt, check with your primary care physician first, but, of course, the choice is entirely up to you.

Where do I go for Body Care?

Our very experienced Total Health Body Care Therapist is certified in many natural health disciplines, and began his career in 1978. Total Health Body Care is offered primarily in your home or workplace throughout SoCal or in the Total Health Studio, if you prefer.  Our fees are reasonable and are based on the distance to your location.   Our massage therapist brings a therapy table to your home or office and sets up in a comfortable space; the Total Health Studio is in a quiet natural setting in SW Riverside County.

What happens during my first appointment?

During the course of your Total Health Body Care, the Therapist will have questions about your general health, diet and exercise habits, medications you are taking, recent surgeries and any ailments or limitations you may have. You may be asked about your activity levels, what type of work you do and your reason for scheduling a massage. As an ongoing client, our Therapist will want to know about all medications as well as herbal and nutritional supplements you are taking, for example you can get KratomCountry Capsules Online that help your body feel good and more healthy.

Do I need to get undressed for Body Care?

You remain fully clothed for your Total Health Body Care; there is absolutely no need to undress.

What should I wear when I get Body Care?

It is important to wear comfortable clothing when you go to get Body Care.

  • Wear something loose and comfortable, preferably made from natural fabrics like cotton, and that have some give to allow for assisted stretching.

How long is a Body Care Treatment?

A Body Care session can be as short as 10 or 15 minutes for a demonstration (given to multiple clients), or as long as an hour or so for Whole Body Care.  In the Total Health Studio or for multiple clients in the same outcall location you may opt for a half-hour session.   Depending on the condition of your body and your responses to the treatment , a one-hour appointment may be anywhere from 50-70 minutes.

Allow at least 15 minutes before and after your appointment to relax. Being rushed afterwards may reduce some of the positive results of your session.  The OutCall Total Health Body Care Treatment is the ultimate way to receive your massage for this very reason.

How often should I get Body Care Treatments?

Regularity is the key with Body Care.  Your body has alot of cell memory in it. A singular or periodic Body Care Treatment is ok, but for long-term, progressive results you should get treatments on a regular basis.  Some people choose every week, every other week, every 3rd week or monthly to keep going regularly; periods longer than this do not contribute to cumulative benefits.  A good rule of thumb would be to get Body Care as regularly as you feel you feel you can afford.

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