Total Health Fx “Food for Health” Food Co-Op Ordering Instructions

 Total Health Fx “Food for Health” Food Co-Op

Food Co-Op Ordering Instructions & Dates

Thank you for your recent interest in Total Health Fx, Joe and Kathi Fox, and  Food for Health Co-op, your healthy choice for healthy food, healthy eating and healthy living.  Here is the information you requested about the discount health food ordering. Please keep in mind that the Food for Health Co-op serves as a local function in SW Riverside County and as the area’s only open-enrollment health food co-op.   If you live beyond this local area or are looking for expanded variety in your natural health purchases, Total Health Fx has created the Total Health “Goods Online Mall” consisting of many fine online stores that ship throughout the US.

Total Health Fx is a home-based business offering health products and wholistic health services, to educate and “inspire healthy lifestyles.” It is our desire to support natural, environmentally friendly products, at affordable, below health-store prices.

Where do we buy from?  The products come from United Natural Foods, Inc.


TOTAL HEALTH FOOD CO-OP is a re-seller for United Natural Foods, Inc. 

What is available?  There are bulk items, such as grains, beans, seeds, nuts, chips, granola, and dried fruit.  These come in bag or box in large quantities, such as 25 lbs.  There are containers that may be purchased for storage.  There are fresh and perishable items, such as bread and bakery goods, cheese and dairy, and soy products.  These items are refrigerated until pick-up.  Then there are grocery items that come by the case, but are in individual packages.  These are the grocery items that you might buy in a health food store.  These include soy products, grains, crackers, chips, cookies, sodas, juices, pasta, boxed mixes, canned soups, and condiments. Non-food items, such as shampoo, toothpaste, food supplements and remedies come as single items.  All of these products may be viewed in the online catalog.
Co-Op Coordinator:  Your co-op coordinator is  Kathi Fox who is a certified Naturopathic Practitioner, Ph.D., and she is also available for consultations.  She and her husband, Joe, have each been in the natural health care business for 40 years, offering  consultations for complete optimum nutrition, massage therapy, and specialty health products.
How do I join?  There is no membership fee or investment to make in advance. To become a member, email us with your contact information.  You will be put on our mailing list to receive literature on all our services and regular announcements from Food for Health Co-op .  You will be on our calling list for reminder calls to place orders.  For greatest cost-savings, the Food Co-Op is primarily for residents of the local area of SW Riverside Co. California, and clients in SoCal with upcoming appointments;  more distant orders may be placed with additional shipping/insurance charges.  Also check the stores of the Total Health Fx “Goods Online” Mall for comparable products.
How it works:  We order once a month, on a Sunday; orders are picked up and delivered on  that Wednesday.  Your requests may be left with Total Health any time in advance of the ordering date, up thru Monday, for add-ons.  A calendar is mailed out monthly to inform you of our schedule.  You will be informed when your order is available, so plan your schedule to accommodate a Wednesday delivery or Saturday pick-up (at our Monthly Educational Potluck). See the full calendar below.
What you pay:  The co-op sustains itself on a percentage basis.  No work is required.  Our cost is a little over wholesale.  We add a 15% mark-up on the members total order.  That is a fraction of what health food stores charge.  The result is that you save up to 40% of the regular retail price.
Questions:  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the co-op at:

Total Health 
Att:  Kathi Fox
23830 Tonnet Circle
Romoland  CA  92585
This is your co-op.  In order to keep this going we need your support, so please join and tell your friends.


1. First time Order-ers: Allow our Co-op Coordinator to help you develop your first-time order as a concierge service.  Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will search the catalog for you, or…

2. Online catalog, navigation:

  • go to “”
  • click “customer login”
    • username = “”
    • password = “BlueTopaz2”
  • select “Search Products by” – Brand, Category, Manufacturer, Product name

Let us know if you have questions with any part of this process, or if need help in choosing what to order.   DO write down your order with order # and price.  Kindly send your order in as a separate email, or phone call if you prefer.

The ordering schedule for the year is below. Order must be received by Sunday of the ordering week.  The order is picked up from the warehouse Wednesday of the ordering week and delivered to you that day.

          TOTAL HEALTH FOOD CO-OP 2021

       PLACE ORDERS                                              PICK-UP/DELIVERY

Tuesday, January 10 Wednesday, January 13
Tuesday, February 14 Wednesday, February 17
Tuesday, March 14 Wednesday, March 17
Tuesday, April 11 Wednesday, April 14
Tuesday, May 9 Wednesday, May 12
Tuesday, June 13 Wednesday, June 16
Tuesday, July 11 Wednesday, July 14
Tuesday, August 15 Wednesday, August 18
Tuesday, September 12 Wednesday, September 15
Tuesday, October 10 Wednesday, October 13
Tuesday, November 14 Wednesday, November 17
Tuesday, December 12 Wednesday, December 15

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