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Total Health “Food for Health” Co-op makes available health foods, supplements, therapeutic products, and environmentally-safe household goods to clients and community at great discounts of 20-40% off retail prices, a great way to buy affordable healthy foods . The Total Health Food Co-op  is an organic food distributor and an easy and friendly way to buy organic food online. Healthy foods like whole grains, beans, herbs, nutritional supplements, natural and organic groceries and toiletries, water purifiers, and massage oils and tools are ordered regularly from our 700 page wholesale catalog.   Total Health Fx endeavors to keep the cost of natural health care accessible; our business practices allow us to pass the savings on and keep costs low, whether a single product is needed or supplies to complete a Natural Medicine Chest or Kitchen Pantry. Click here for online catalog ordering instructions or Total Health Food Co-op Price Comparisons. Gift Certificates are available. Credit cards are welcome upon approval.  Total Health “Food for Health” Co-op is available to the public in our local area community, and to private clients who receive Total Health Fx services throughout SoCal.

A study from 2000 suggests that common ingredients in  soup may collectively combat inflammation, reducing inflammatory responses in the body. As a result,  soup may help clear congestion in the nose and airways and soothe other symptoms in the upper respiratory tract. Other soups, including vegetarian or vegan options, may have similar effects. Soups can be nutritious, easy to digest, soothing, and easy to prepare, even during illnesses. Also, because they contain water, soups can promote hydration.

Garlic may have antiviral and antimicrobial properties. These can help support the immune system as it combats infection, including a cold or the flu.Authors of a 2014 review have looked at the effects of garlic on the common cold.

They refer to a 146-participant study in which participants who took a garlic supplement every day for 3 months had fewer colds than those who took a placebo. The authors note that confirming the effects will require further research, however. Eating meals with plenty of garlic may help the body fight off infection.

Foods high in vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C help support the immune system. Those with the highest levels of vitamin C include:

sweet or hot peppers of any color
oranges and orange juice
Many fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are also excellent sources of flavonoids, which are compounds that can provide a wide range of health benefits. For example, flavonoids may help reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections.

Beyond the foods listed above, good sources of both vitamin C and flavonoids include:

other citrus fruits, such as lemons
red, blue, or purple berries
red or purple grapes
raw broccoli
raw, dark leafy greens

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