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 What Is Total Health Naturopathy Fx?

Kathi Fox, Total Health Naturopathy

Kathi Fox, Ph.D. Naturopathy, develops  Naturopathic programs uniquely suited to each client’s condition.  The client actively participates with the Naturopath, sharing family health history, current  body health challenges, and long-range goals of building health.  Total Health Naturopathy employs sound, proven methods of preventive health maintenance and restorative natural care to eliminate toxins from body tissues, and to build immunity, creating a freer, healthier life. Total Health Naturopathic Therapies include eating vegetarian meals from whole foods ,  natural lifestyle tips, and recommendations of specific natural vitamins and minerals, proven homeopathic remedies, natural herbs, and aromatherapy oils.  Hourly appointments are available in the Total Health studio, by out-call locally, or by telephone nationwide.  Contact us for free Total Health Assessment.  Available ala carte or as part of W holistic Health Fx Program or Healthy Choices Wellness Membership Program.

 Low Hourly Rate $60 Locally or Nationwide

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The New CookBook by Kathi Fox,Total Health Naturopath

  • ♦over 100 pages
  • ♦over 60 unique recipes
  • ♦indexed by meal course categories such as appetizers, salads, dressings, entrees,   side dishes, healthy desserts, etc
  • ♦indexed by nutrition status categories such as lacto-vegetarian, vegan, gourmet,   health-building, purifying, gluten-free, dairy-free, low salt, sugar alternatives,etc
  • ♦reasonably priced , only $7.50 + applicable tax and nominal shipping/handling


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